Total Hip Replacement - Todd Pitts, M.D., Lehi, Utah
Todd Pitts, MD is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in hip and knee surgeries. Dr. Pitts is trained in hip and knee joint replacements and restoration. He practices in Lehi and Provo Utah.
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Total Hip Replacement

Anterior Hip Replacement

The are a couple of approaches a surgeon can take to replace a hip. The anterior hip approach is poplar because  studies show a faster recovery, less pain post operatively and reduced risk of dislocation. The risks of this approach include fracture, dislocation and increased risk of implant mal-positioning. Come in and discuss if the Anterior Hip Approach is what you need with your hip replacement.

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Posterior Hip

The posterior hip approach has been the gold standard and work horse of all of the approaches to the hip for hip replacement surgery. In the past the risks of this approach included dislocation, however recent studies show significant reduction in dislocation risks with adequate surgical technique to be equal to or better than anterior hip approach.

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